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Matt Churchill 


How I Got Started

I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio but have always had a passion for travel and adventure.  After completing my degree in Theology in Chicago I made Aliya to Israel. Over 15 years later, now with a wonderful wife , 3 kids and as a licensed, seasoned Tour Guide I get to share this country, incredible sites, and my passion with visitors like you. In 2014 I founded Churchill Israel Tours in the hopes of creating life-enriching experiences for my clients.  I want to share my knowledge and passion for Israel and Jerusalem, the place I have chosen to call home. 


Tour Testimonials

“I can highly recommend any tour of Israel and Jerusalem with Matt Churchill”

“Matt has been the best guide I have ever had!”

“Matt was second to none and had a profound impact on my Israel trip.”

“A trip of a lifetime. I appreciate all that you did”!

“Thank you for giving us such an amazing trip and sharing your passion for this land. I have loved having you as our guide and you added so much more....”.

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